How to become a Cosmetologist in India

How to become a Cosmetologist in India

Cosmetologists are people who specialize in beauty treatment. They have strong social and communication skills, as well as good work ethics and the ability to work independently.

The question is how to become a cosmetologist, So there are several training courses available for you to get certified as a cosmetologist in India. These courses are offered by schools/universities and institutes/organizations that offer training under the supervision of ICC-accredited teachers or universities offering undergraduate degrees with specializations in beauty science or related fields such as chemical engineering etc.

You can also choose from various online courses offered by universities across the country which help you acquire skills like basic concepts of the chemical makeup of skin, different types of treatments available for different skin problems, etc.


The responsibilities of a cosmetologist include:

  • Stylists are responsible for cutting and styling hair. They may also provide basic skin care treatments such as facials, massages or manicures.
  • Makeup artists are responsible for applying makeup to their client’s faces. They can also create special effects such as false eyelashes or lashes that look like your own natural lashes (if you’re cool).
  • Barbering involves shaving facial hair, trimming it down to size, and using clippers or scissors to cut away excess hair from the face and neck area.


The minimum education requirement for becoming a cosmetologist is 10th standard in the science stream. This means that you must have passed an examination from a recognized board or university in India, which will certify your educational qualifications and eligibility to practice as a cosmetologist.

If you don’t have this level of formal education but want to become one anyway, there are other options:

  • You can complete your Diploma in Beauty & Wellness (DBAW) from the Institute of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (IBC) or another institute approved by IBC; or
  • You could take up beauty courses at an institute such as SNDT University’s College of Applied Sciences located at Nagpur; or
  • You could pursue higher studies at any college offering bachelor’s degree programs in beauty technology

Choose a Specialization

Choosing a specialization is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career. There are many specializations that cosmetologists can choose from, such as hair cutting, styling, and coloring; hair extension work; or even specializing in something like laser technology or scalp massage therapy. It’s important to find something you’re passionate about so that you can stay motivated while working at a salon.

If you’re interested in learning more about these different fields before choosing one for yourself, check out this article on finding the right type of training program: How To Become A Cosmetologist In India: Choosing Your Specialization

Salary and Scope

The salary of a salaried cosmetologist depends on the type of salon he/she works in. It can be anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to 1 lakh per month depending on the reputation and facilities provided by the salon owner.

Salary wise it’s not too bad because there is always demand for cosmetologists in India and people are willing to pay good money for their services especially when they’re looking for stylish haircuts or manicures that are done by professionals rather than those who don’t know what they’re doing!

Skills Required

In order to become a famous cosmetologist, one must possess these skills.

  • Knowledge of the physiology of the skin, hair, and nails
  • Understanding of the chemistry of colors
  • Understanding the effects of beauty products
  • Good communication skills
  • Good consultation skills

Network with Other Professionals

Cosmetologists, who are already in the business, can help you learn about the industry and its practices. Join professional organizations such as the Indian Association of Cosmetology and Hairdressers or the Indian Barber Association. These groups offer networking opportunities that will give you access to other professionals in your field and help you build a network that will be useful when it comes time for job interviews or promotions.

Learn from others’ mistakes and successes. As an employee at a salon, take note of what goes on behind closed doors by asking coworkers questions about how they got their current position—or how they got started as an employee at all! This information can provide valuable insight into what kind of personality traits we need in order for our businesses (or ourselves)

Join Professional Organizations

Joining a professional organization is one of the best ways to network with other cosmetologists in your area. Professional organizations provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experience, and skills with other professionals. They also help you get hired by providing opportunities like networking events where you can meet potential employers or clients.


  • Courses offered by different institutes
  • List of institutes offering these courses
  • Cost of the course
  • Course duration: 6 months to 1 year. The duration depends on the institute you choose and the program you enroll in (for example, if you want to become a hair stylist or make-up artist). Some institutes offer both diploma and degree programs, which means that students can earn their bachelor’s or master’s degrees after completing their training program in India.

Course Fees

Course fees vary from institute to institute, but on average they range between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 1 lakh (USD 475-USD 2175). These fees include the cost of textbooks and other study materials as well as lodging during your training period at a selected institute.

The length of time you’ll be studying will also affect how much you’ll pay: shorter courses cost less than longer ones because they’re condensed into fewer weeks or months—but they don’t necessarily give you greater skills in the same way that longer ones do!

Job Profiles

The primary purpose of a cosmetologist is to provide services that enhance the appearance and health of people’s skin, hair, and nails. This can include:

  • Hair styling
  • Makeup application
  • Manicuring or pedicuring (foot care)


  • What is the salary of a cosmetologist in India?

The average salary of a cosmetologist in India is around Rs 20,000 – 25,000 per month. However, you may get paid more or less depending on your location and experience. The highest-paid cosmetologists earn up to Rs 35K+ per month while those who work for short-term contracts may be paid less than this amount.

  • What is the job profile of a cosmetologist in India?

Cosmetology is an industry where there are many opportunities for growth and advancement as well as promotion based on performance and a meritocracy system by which everyone gets equal chances to grow professionally without any bias or discrimination against them based on caste or religion etc.,


How to become a Cosmetologist in India? What does that mean and how do you get into it? Is it just about starting your own business? How do you make it work? There is no easy answer to these questions. Many people are confused about what exactly it means to be a career entrepreneur or what they can do to get started. But if we look around us there are some basic things that we can learn from others and apply to our lives in order to build something rewarding for ourselves and society at large. This article will help you understand the kind of mindset, skills, attitude, and lifestyle that are required for entrepreneurship along with examples of entrepreneurs who have made their mark in various fields right from social sector organizations like NGOs, health care services, and educational institutions all through industries like telecom/IT/informatics, etc.

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